List Of Thermal Power Plants In India

Thermal power, which is the power generated by using coal, diesel or gas as the fuel, is the major source of power in the country and contributes to nearly 75% of the country’s energy needs. Majorly spread in the northern states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Punjab, list of thermal power plants in India includes stations in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Orissa, West Bengal and Chhattisgarh. It is the major power source in the northern states. Important cities such as Ahmadabad and Kanpur are completely serviced by thermal power.

Major thermal power plants in India

The biggest electric utilities company owned by the state in India is NTPC or National Thermal Power Corporation Limited. It is based in New Delhi. As of now, the generation potential of the company is 36,014 MW. Plans are on for 75,000 MW of power generation capacity by the end of 2017 and a number of upcoming thermal power plants in India.

Mundra thermal power plant is the biggest in the country with an installed capacity of 4260MW. It is located in Kutch region of Gujarat and managed by Adani Power. Vindhyachal super thermal power station, located in Vindhya Nagar in Sidhi district, Madhya Pradesh is the second biggest in the list of thermal power plants in India with an installed capacity of 3260 MW. This thermal project falls under the jurisdiction of NTPC Limited. Thalcher Super Thermal Power Plant at Angul in Orissa is the third biggest with an installed capacity 3000 MW

Thermal power plants in India which generate more than 2000MW of power are Singrauli Super Thermal Power Station located at Shaktinagar in Uttar Pradesh, Rihand Thermal Power Station located at Rihand in Uttar Pradesh, Chandrapur Super Thermal Power Station located in Urjanagar in Chandrapur district in Maharashtra, Korba Super Thermal Power Plant located at Korba in Chhattisgarh, Kahalgaon Super Thermal Power Station at Bhagalpur in Bihar, Mejia Thermal Power Station at Bankura in West Bengal, Jharsuguda Thermal Power Plant at Jharsuguda in Orissa, Amaravathi Thermal Power Plant in Amaravathi in Maharashtra and NTPC Ramagundam in Andhra Pradesh.

Besides these, there are several other thermal power plants in India generating hundreds of mega watts of power.18 thermal power plants have been named as Super Thermal Power Stations in the country based on the technology and generation capacity. They are NTPC undertaking.

Notable thermal plants

The best thermal plant in the country is the one located at Ramagundam in Andhra Pradesh. Built at a cost of over Rs. 38,000 crores, the power plant has an installed capacity of 2600MW. Besides efficiency in power production, this thermal plant has stood out to be the most environment friendly power plant with excellent fly ash management, afforestation and continuous monitoring of environmental impact by using NRSA remote sensing satellites. Another power plant which is recognized for production efficiency is Kota Super thermal power plant.

The fact that there are a number of coal rich states in India make it convenient to produce thermal power fueled by coal. Besides India also imports coal in large quantities to maintain supply-demand ratio. Although there are other emerging power sources such as solar power and wind power, besides the existing hydropower and nuclear power, thermal still remains the major contributor to the power demands in the country.

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